Morning light studio view @ Glasgow Studios, Brussels. December 2019








Yellow Pine paintings #01 - #06, shellac on pinewood, 25 * 16cm, 2019

Ongoing serie of readymade paintings made by assembled pinewood panels covered by shellac layers. This serie was shown at Maison Grégoire, Brussels for De la lenteur et de la mesure, collective show curated by Emmanuel Lambion.

















 Untitled (Yellow pine, yellow and green), acrilyc and shellac on wood, 20*15cm, 2019




Untiteld (Carolina Pine), acrylic, shellac on wood, 29*20 cm, 2019



Untitled (red pine, agent 212), acrylic, shellac on wood, 29*20cm, 2019



 Untitled (red pine), acrylic, shellac on wood, 29*20cm, 2019





Fireforms, collective show organised by Super-Structure & hosted by No Supplies, Brussels, March 2019




 Lamp, polystyrene, plaster, acylic, variable dimensions, 2019








Untitled (Carolina pine, two planes), acrylic, shellac on wood, 21x30x9cm, 2018








 Untitled (Carolina pine), dyptich, acrylic, shellac on wood, 29x20cm, 2019. (ceramic dragon: Claire Lezier)








Untitled (Carolina pine, black & gold), dyptich, acrylic, shellac on wood, 42x29cm, 2019








Bas relief (grey, green and cream), polystyrene, plaster, acrylic, 260x220x40cm, 2019
























#UniversalIncomeForAll (ONEM), polystyrene, plaster, pinewood, shellac, variable dimensions, proposal open studio, 2017

























Untitled, serie of 8 collages, scanned and printed on Innova paper 280gr, 2017












The Birth of Tragedy, collective show with Gustavo Riego & Lea Belooussovitch @ Frederic Collier, Brussels, april 2017















With Hendrick Goltzius (Dragon devorant les compagnons de Cadmus), graphite on wall, variable dimension, 2016. 

At Uchronies , collective show @ BPS22, Charleroi.















With Hendrick Goltzius, serie Les 4 culbuteurs @ Les Mondes Inversés, collective show @ BPS22, Charleroi, 2015




With Hendrick Goltzius (La chute d'Icare) & With Hendrick Goltzius (La chute de Tantale), mixed media on paper, 195x145cm, 2015








With Hendrick Goltzius (La chute d'Ixion) & With Hendrick Goltzius (La chute de Phaeton), mixed media on paper, 195x145cm, 2015










Solo show, Anyspace gallery, Brussels, 2013
















Drawings, solo show at Baronian_Francey gallery, Brussels, 2012


















Sauce Lapin, collective show with Max Frank & Anne Bossuroy @ Nicolas Silin gallery, Paris, 2014




With Hendrick Goltzius (Hercule Farnese)02 & With Hendrick Goltzius (Homo Bulla)02, mixed media on paper, 195x145cm, 2014









Acid Music & Dutch Mannerism, solo show @ MAAC, Maison d'Art Actuel des Chartreux, Brussels, 2013

On show: a serie of 3 drawings on paper and a participative in situ drawing during a live sound performance.






With Low Acid, Gérard Meurant, Johnny Superglu and Hendrick Goltzius (La Chute d'Ixion), collective drawing and sound performance.

 Phase I: Sound performance Live Acid Laboratory . A stencil is installed on the ground showing the negative image of a detail of Hendrick Goltzius engraving.








Phase II Image revealed. By the footsteps of the public after the stencil has been removed.







Extended Drawingscollective show curated by P-O. Rollin with Francizka Furter & Diogo Pimentao @ CAB Art Center, Brussels, 2012


















Solo show. Invited by Or Nothing, With Hendrick Goltzius (La chute de Tantale), walldrawing, graphite on wall, 2012