#UniversalIncomeForAll (ONEM), polystyrene, plaster, pinewood, shellac, variable dimensions, proposal open studio, 2017
























Untitled, serie of 8 collages, scanned and printed on Innova paper 280gr, 2017












The Birth of Tragedy, collective show with Gustavo Riego & Lea Belooussovitch @ Frederic Collier, Brussels, april 2017







With Hendrick Goltzius (Dragon devorant les compagnons de Cadmus), graphite on wall, variable dimension, 2016











With Hendrick Goltzius, serie Les 4 culbuteurs @ Les Mondes Inversés, collective show @ BPS22, Charleroi, 2015




With Hendrick Goltzius (La chute d'Icare) & With Hendrick Goltzius (La chute de Tantale), mixed media on paper, 195x145cm, 2015








With Hendrick Goltzius (La chute d'Ixion) & With Hendrick Goltzius (La chute de Phaeton), mixed media on paper, 195x145cm, 2015







Sauce Lapin, collective show with Max Frank & Anne Bossuroy @ Nicolas Silin gallery, Paris, 2014




With Hendrick Goltzius (Hercule Farnese)02 & With Hendrick Goltzius (Homo Bulla)02, mixed media on paper, 195x145cm, 2014








With Low Acid, Gérard Meurant, Johnny Superglu and Hendrick Goltzius (La Chute d'Ixion), collective drawing and sound performance, MAAC, Brussels, January 2015

 Phase I: Sound performance Live Acid Laboratory  and floor stencil






Phase II image revealed











Extended Drawings, collective show with Francizka Furter & Diogo Pimentao @ CAB Art Center, Brussels, 2012